Machinery Rental Services

Wide range of construction equipment and machinery available for short-term and long-term rentals. Flexible rental terms to cater to various project requirements. On-site delivery and pickup of equipment. Equipment training and support for operators..

Construction Services

Design and Build (DB) services for construction projects. General contracting for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Specialized construction services such as road construction, infrastructure development, and building renovations. Project management and coordination to ensure timely and successful project completion.

Inspection Services

Equipment inspection and certification to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Pre-purchase inspections for used machinery to assess condition and functionality. Site inspections and evaluations for construction projects to identify potential risks or issues. Quality control inspections to maintain high standards of workmanship.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance services for rented and owned equipment to ensure optimal performance. Timely repairs and troubleshooting for machinery breakdowns or malfunctions. Scheduled maintenance programs tailored to client needs and equipment usage. Spare parts inventory and replacement services.

Consultation and Advisory Services

Expert consultation and advisory services for construction projects and equipment needs. Guidance on equipment selection, project planning, and budgeting. Regulatory compliance consulting to ensure adherence to local laws and regulations. Risk assessment and management for construction sites and equipment operations.

Machinery Sales:

Sales of new and used construction equipment and machinery. Expert advice on selecting the right equipment for specific project needs. Competitive pricing and financing options for purchasing machinery. After-sales support and maintenance services.

Parts ordering and delivery

You need spare parts of different trucks, machineries and auxiliary equipment’s Put your part number and get your things local and internationally

Equipment Documentation and Records:

Maintenance of comprehensive equipment records, including service history, repairs, and inspections. Documentation of equipment specifications, manuals, and operational guidelines for reference. Management of warranty information and assistance with warranty claims and support..

Structural Engineering and Analysis

Structural engineering services to ensure the safety and integrity of buildings and infrastructure. Analysis and evaluation of structural components to determine load capacities and performance. Strengthening and reinforcement of existing structures to meet safety standards and regulations.